Zoom will be controlled by Pentagon

Zoom will be controlled by Pentagon
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Top management of almost all major US companies has a person from the intelligence services or defense because these companies are considered strategic weapons. This was a statement by Igor Ashmanov, a renowned Russian IT expert, to the newspaper VZGLYAD. The expert commented on the appointment of the former US President's National security adviser, General McMaster to the Zoom Board of Directors.

"The largest debit electronic payment system PayPal was founded by Peter Thiel, a career intelligence officer, who then left PayPal to create Palantir - the main surveillance system.

And Eric Schmidt, who served as Google's CEO for many years, was the President's technology adviser, and then almost the head of the technology Council at the Pentagon. In other words, he sat on all the key committees and departments for information security and information technology. And he is also a career intelligence officer," said Igor Ashmanov, CEO of Ashmanov and partners, an expert in the field of information technology.

"If we look into how many leading companies have received curators from the US intelligence or Defense agencies, we will be amazed," the expert assured.

For example, Twitter, according to Ashmanov, is a lossmaking social network, but it continues to operate because it is being supervised by the US Intelligence. "They just add a new investment to it from time to time. They help it because the platform is solving a very important geopolitical problem. You can use it to quickly organize events around the world," the expert said.

"Now Zoom has begun to acquire the same status. This service was very successfully positioned during coronavirus isolation. Unlike other messengers, the developers did a few very good things – a low entry threshold and it works well on bad channels. As a result, the subscription numbers rocketed by about a factor of three. And now they receive a person to see what is going on, to look at it closely, and curate it," Ashmanov said.

Because of the service's connection to the Pentagon, Zoom users should switch to other apps, the expert advises. However, Ashmanov himself admits that many users will still continue to use it out of inertia.

A quick reminder: former assistant to Donald Trump on National security, Lieutenant General Herbert McMaster is on the Board of Directors of Zoom Video Communications. This is stated in a statement by this company, the operator of the Zoom video conferencing service, TASS reported earlier. The popularity of this video service in the world has grown significantly against the background of the pandemic and the transition of many people to work remotely.

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 zoom is rigged, 13-10-2020 09:56:07

By: Anonymous

Zoom is a set up to get info on all of us

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