You need to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, here is why

You need to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, here is why
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When you step into your home from the street, wash your hands thoroughly. This procedure should be performed with the same care and effort as doctors do before a surgery or patient examination.

Twenty seconds of washing with soap can save your life by preventing coronavirus infection, since these seconds are enough to destroy COVID-19. This is the conclusion reached by British virologists, who warn that we will probably have to wash our hands this way for a very long time. And soap will also remain our powerful ally for a long while.

This recommendation has already been the subject of Internet memes offering the best snippets of popular songs that could be sung in the 20 seconds vital to eliminating COVID-19. Strange as it sounds, but at a time when scientists all over the world are searching for an antidote to a deadly virus, ordinary toilet soap easily kills this fierce enemy.

Why does soap work so well against the coronavirus? It turns out that this virus is a self-organizing nanoparticle, in which the weakest link is the lipid, that is, the fat bilayer. Soap dissolves this fat membrane, or as it is also called, "fat envelope" - and the virus falls apart. It does not die, because it is not living matter, but it becomes inactive, and therefore harmless.

What does it have to do with singing songs that are 20 seconds long? Yes, it takes this long to dissolve the fat bilayer, but you can sing further on if you are in a good mood. It is important to note that "sanitizers", or disinfecting gels, can also help, but soap works much more effectively.

On which surfaces does the coronavirus live the longest ? Cardboard holds it for up to 24 hours, plastic and metal - up to three days, on a copper surface it can stay up to four hours. However, the further he sits on these surfaces, the more it weakens - and therefore loses the ability to infect. It is recommended to clean the door handles and desktop surfaces as often as possible, especially if the latter are covered with plastic.

One should not forget about their social distance. A two-meter "gap" is vital, since a shorter distance while standing or walking can contribute to the coronavirus attacking its victim. Therefore, at this dramatic stage of our life, it is better to be reasonable to be safe.

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