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Is this a dream or is it a reality? The mountains are stunningly beautiful and you fall in love with the place at first sight. They surround you, impress you and excite you.

There are many unique parks and Utah. Arches National Park spans more than 76 thousand acres across a cool desert. Due to soil erosion over a hundred million years, the park boasts thousands sand figures that Mother Nature creatively carved, experimenting with a myriad of colors, shapes and outlines. International tourists travel great length and distance to see this natural phenomenon – the Monument Valley, with more than 2000 pieces of tall natural turrets, spires and mysteriously balanced rocks.  

Being a magnet for tourists, the state of Utah offers a wide variety of outdoor activities from elite golfing to reasonably priced snowboarding and skiing fun.

Both local holiday makers and those travelling long distances should be aware of at least two factors that help explore and enjoy Utah. Firstly, the sun is merciless here. Therefore, one should always have water and use sunscreens, especially in summer. Secondly, one needs to keep in mind that the only way to go around the state is by car. Thankfully, the rental cost is moderate. You can rent a small SUV or a truck instead of using public transport.  



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