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What state is associated with everything that is big in size? What is a center of oil and gas industries along with cattle breeding? The correct answer is Texas.

The state is incredibly beautiful. It impresses you with a variety of terrain: tall mountain ranges house caves and deep canyons. Small towns and villages that dot the vast area of the state are beautiful and cozy while large industrial downtowns impress the visitor with the skyscrapers and hustle and bustle of their fast pace. Without exaggeration, Texas is an important industrial, cultural and historic center of the United States.    

Historically, bison, cotton and timber were the backbone industries of Texas before one extremely important resource was found in Texas – oil. Energy sector has been dominating political and economic life in the state since the discovery of oil. Volumes of oil extraction would put Texas in the top ten oil producers in the world if Texas were an independent country.

Over the past several decades, Texas has developed a diversified economy with high tech industrial emphases. Agricultural industry produces biomass for biofuels, while renewable energy and wind power put Texas in the leading industrial positions in the USA. Such focus on a wide range of economic fields yielded thousands of Texan millionaires that make up one of the largest millionaire population in the country.



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