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The state has a lot of natural beauty: White Mountains, protected land, lakes, and streams. It even boarders the Atlantic Ocean. There are available traditional outdoor activities of hiking, fishing and hunting. What is big in the winter in News Hampshire? Anyone with any degree of ability to foretell how to cook eggs can hit the bull’s eye with the expected big three of skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling.

Forests look absolutely magnificent in the fall with the foliage of a myriad of autumn colors. The biggest industries in the state are retail, healthcare and manufacturing.

Good news is that New Hampshire has been more open to younger people lately. The statistics show more people aged 30 to 45 who move to NH. Most of them have a higher educational attainment. This feature of demographic sets NH apart from the rest of the states and provides fuel for the development of the economy and a rise in prosperity levels. The good news is that the capacity and skill level of the workforce in NH has been reinforced with this inflow of the right specialists. These new people have made the state a great place for technology companies.



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New Hampshire

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