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What are the main facts about this state that anyone who wants to learn more about Massachusetts should know? Concerning the general interests of people and holistic news flow, it should be mentioned that there are thirteen corporations that are among the top 500 companies in the United States.

A major interest among ordinary regular people is expressed towards all sorts of weather news programs and weather forecasts. Being a coastal state Massachusetts has got a mild climate. The state is affected by various natural elements, tough: in the winter it has to withstand a Gale-force wind that blows from the northeast. In the fall and summer hurricane occurrences and chances of tropical cyclones are high.

The Cape is the state’s most popular spot for sailing and fishing, including sport fishing. The whale watching industry in Massachusetts is a big hit with less sport loving individuals.  

Massachusetts is the leading educational center not only on the east coast but in all of the US. There are more than a hundred universities there with only 30 being state-owned. The overwhelming majority of unis are privately owned by various companies.



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