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The longest and the strongest. This is what news agencies and media outlets love. What is the longest and what is the strongest or safest in the great state of Kentucky? Both answers lie deep under the surface.

The Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest cave system while Fort Knox is the safest place to store gold. It would have been the breaking news of all time if anything happens to either of those and they disappear.

Appalachian Mountains is the area where cookie-pushers cannot do well! Fans of extreme sports come here in droves. Rock climbers ascend to the highest peaks of the mountains all year round. Only the strongest and toughest people are able to do it here.

Fort Knox is a military base that has underground hangars that house more than 4000 tons of gold, a significant portion of the United States’ gold reserves.

Kentucky has several other things to be proud of: the state ranks first in the United States for breeding racehorses. Kentucky owns the title of the birthplace of Bourbon. It is a type of American corn whiskey. The most famous distilleries that produce Bourbon are located in the state of Kentucky.  



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