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news usaThe United States of America is the most influential country in the world in many aspects. Political news from the USA influences the political situation in the whole world. Business news move global markets. Hi-tech innovations trail blaze the way for multiple start-ups and commercial companies. The country is an undisputed leader in mass media content, be it digital media and media clips or a myriad of the YouTube music content.

Hollywood and the rest of the pop culture industrial complex set the trends in every area. Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy and many other awards demonstrate the leadership in the film, TV and music industries.

Another significant source for news is ecology, green energy and biodiversity. Our experts give you the latest on what is behind the scenes of such important developments as CO2 emission agreements, food safety programs and wildlife conservation initiatives.

Being a vast country with a rich variety of terrain and natural wonders, such as Grand Canyon, the USA is bound to set standards in measures to support the programs to preserve nature for the future generations of not only Americans but for all people on our planet.

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Zoom will be controlled by Pentagon

Washington D.C.

Top management of almost all major US companies has a person from Intelligence or Defence


Coronavirus may trigger a huge housing crisis

New York, New York

Many families in the USA are bracing for eviction from their rented homes


Avoid taxes like Apple


Apple spent $ 2.3 million on lobbying and holds more than 90% of the company's total cash off-shore


Ferguson's coach froze in the cage


Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje fight


Norman Rockwell an artist that inspires!


Norman Rockwell's paintings make you appreciate the world around


Inventors of chachka and trinkets


We decided that we do not need factories


Problem plagued F-35


F-35 fighter crashed at Eglin Air Force Base


Record sale of US debt

Washington D.C.

High volatility in US Treasury market


FED Liquidity crisis

Washington D.C.

Financial market participants sell assets at any price


One million dollars not to die from COVID19

Washington D.C.

a cured COVID19 patient got a bill for one million dollars for medical services

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