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The Ukraine

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The Ukraine borders on seven European countries with the fifth largest population. The territory lies in the South-West of the East European plain and the main landforms are hills and plains with the exception of the Carpathian Mountains in the West.

The country has all the industries inherent to the economy of a large European state. The industry structure is dominated by manufacturing, with mining accounting for only ten percent. The highest share is with both ferrous and nonferrous metallurgical industry.

Its own oil resources cover the internal needs of the economy by less than a quarter and gas is by 25%.

In mechanical engineering is highly developed and they produce agricultural machines, vehicles, instruments and tools. Tractors, tanks, turbines, various types of vessels, freight cars and much more are sold to different countries. The Ukraine’s most famous aircraft are Antonov planes, including the heaviest An 225 Mriya.  

The country's agriculture is dominated by crop production. The basis of grain farming is the cultivation of winter wheat, corn, barley, buckwheat and millet. Sugar beet and sunflower are among the staple crops.



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The Ukraine

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