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Being a country in the South-West of Europe, Spain boasts amazing nature, temperamental inhabitants and great beaches. It can be compared to a bright mosaic  because it has a lot of regions that differ greatly from each other. In every town you will find its unique traditions or a refreshing taste of quenching sangria. There are not many countries in the world that can boast such national color, such diversity.


With 280 sunny days a year, Spain features sunny weather, with some seasonal fluctuations. It can get quite cold in the center of the country in winter while the near coast areas are mild. Summer is hot in the South with temperatures often going north of +40 °C, whereas in the North, it can get to only +25 °C. Distinctive climatic zones are possible due to the mountainous terrain across the country.


Spain, with its beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, many cultural regions and ancient cities is a great place to visit. The country is one of the largest centers of international tourism. With more than 80 million visitors a year Spain ranks second after France in the number of tourist arrivals. Tourism is the leading sector for employment.

Having beaches for tourists the ocean earns Spain a secure position within top ten countries in the world for catching fish and seafood processing. It is a major exporter of both fresh and canned fish.

The leading branch of agriculture is crop production, mainly wheat, barley, and corn. Olives are grown in abundance making the country the world's leading olive producer.



Indignant Spanish workers wait for payment


Thousands of Spanish workers have not received the benefit from the Services of Employment (ERTE)

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