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Panama is the largest and by far the richest country in Central America thanks to the Panama Canal. The canal is a storehouse of opportunities for trade linking the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans laterally and at the same time serving as a transit hub for trade between the North and South America vertically. The country is a well-known center of international business.


Panama has two seasons: summer is the rainy season and winter is the dry season. The difference in temperature between the seasons is almost imperceptible. The average water temperature is + 24°C. On the Caribbean coast and the Northern slopes of the mountains, the climate is rainy and tropical.

Approximately three-quarters of Panama is forested. Wild vegetation grows lavishly right in the center of any city. Panama has over 10,000 different species of plant, including 1,200 species of orchids, about 700 species of ferns, and more than 1,500 species of trees.f

All the beaches in Panama are covered with white sand.


Panama declares loan payment holidays


President signed the law on payment holidays

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