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Nicaragua is a country in Central America. It is washed by the Pacific Ocean in the West and the Caribbean Sea in the East.

Mountain ranges with smoking volcanoes, swampy lowlands, huge blue lakes and rapid rivers with sparkling waterfalls, vast, virgin evergreen forests represent the main types of landscapes in Nicaragua.

About half of the country's territory is occupied by highlands with a relatively mild climate. The temperature in the “coldest” month of January is +16 °C. The Eastern parts of the territory can receive up to 5000 mm of precipitation per year.


Nicaragua is one of the least industrialized countries in Latin America. The main industrial role belongs to the food processing and light industries. One of the leading branches of the food industry is meat processing, mainly beef packaging. The chilled products are exported to the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

Nicaragua is poor in minerals. Gold, silver and table salt are extracted in small quantities.

Imported oil is used as an industrial energy source. Relatively low-power hydroelectric power stations are there along with a geothermal station that is built on Momotombo volcano.


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