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India is located within three major orographic regions: the Himalayan mountains, the Indo-Gangetic plain, and the Deccan plateau on the Hindustan Peninsula.

From November to March, the dry northeast monsoon blows from the mainland. It is associated with cool clear weather. In General, the climate of the country is greatly influenced by the monsoon. The altitude factor determines the cold climate of the high mountains in Northern India, while on the plateau, a moderate climate prevails.

In recent decades, the number of many species of animals, especially large ones, has declined significantly. The Indian elephant is still found in wild jungle. As a working animal, it is used for forest skidding and other heavy work. Among the domesticated animals are camels, which are used as a vehicle in arid conditions.


India is home to more than one and a half billion people, who live mostly in rural areas (about 70%). At the same time, there are huge megacities, such as Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi (the capital of the country), Calcutta, etc.  The South-East coast, the Eastern lowlands and the Ganges plain are the most densely populated.

The Constitution of India recognizes 15 official languages, but linguists distinguish at least 24 languages, each of which is spoken by at least 1 million people. The official language is Hindi, but English is widely spoken.

Recently, there has been stable economic growth and the export of computer services and specialists. The competitiveness of products is also ensured by the low cost of labor. India has become a space and nuclear power. The country fully provides itself with food.

What is Bollywood?

Bollywood is a word with special meaning for anyone who is interested in Indian films. This is the name of the film industry of Bombay, today’s name is Mumbai, which is compared to Hollywood all over the world. Every year, more than a thousand films are released on big screens in India, every fifth of which is shot in Hindi in Bollywood. Colorful films continue to gain popularity in other countries, bringing their creators more than twenty billion dollars annually.

The Taj Mahal has long become one of the best examples of architecture that uses Arabic, Persian and Indian styles. Every year thousands of tourists come to the city of Agra, with which many associate India, to see this extraordinary temple of love, especially beautiful at sunset. Despite the fact that this building is associated with a sad story, one cannot escape the thought that the power of love is the most powerful forced in the world.



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