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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a developed country located in the North-Western part of Europe. The form of government in the country is a constitutional monarchy with the head of state of Queen Elizabeth II since 1953. The Prime Minister represented by the leader of the dominant party exercises executive power in the country. For about four centuries, the UK owned numerous colonies.

The climate on the island of GB is moderate, mild and humid. The weather is mainly shaped by the warm current of the Gulf Stream.

Education in the UK is recognized as the top of the class. Its traditions in education go back more than 1000 years. A diploma from a British University is fashionable, prestigious and promising: a graduate receives visual confirmation of his or her own talent, useful connections, and chances for an enviable career.

Processing and mechanical engineering occupy an important place in the economy.  Industrial enterprises are located mainly in the densely populated areas. Only 2% of the country's working-age population is involved in UK agriculture. However, local production is sufficient to provide the population with agricultural products. The state does not need to import barley, oats, potatoes, eggs, milk, pork and poultry.

In this country, every tourist will find what they are looking for. The UK tourism fits any age category. In addition to classic hotels, there are hostels, motels, guest houses, and home-style hotels, which provide only bed and breakfast.



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Great Britain

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