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The Republic of El Salvador is the most populous and smallest country in Central America. El Salvador’s cultural and historic roots go back to the era of the Mayan civilization. There are many archaeological sites and monuments that are visited by tourists every year.

Climate and weather

The coast of the country is dominated by a tropical climate with monthly daytime temperatures being in the range of +22...+25 °C in some months of the year rising up to +30 °C.

El Salvador is the only Latin American country with no environmental legislation. For this reason, many of the country's river systems suffer from pollution, and large coastal forests are almost completely destroyed. However, multiple rivers and marshy lagoons of the coast retained their natural flora and are still home to balsam tree, Spanish cedar, mahogany, Sapodilla, etc. The animal world of El Salvador is very diverse: tapirs, armadillos, sloths, jaguars, ocelots, coyotes and many birds live there.

The main attractions of El Salvador are its volcanoes and the archaeological heritage of ancient Indian civilizations. Tazumal is recognized as one of the most important cities of a vanished indigenous civilization.

The most popular activities in El Salvador are excursions to archaeological sites and natural attractions spots. The rough waters of the Lempa River are very good for kayaking and rafting. The Western regions of the country are most developed for tourist and outdoor activities.

Social notes

Most of the population bears weapons, which is a consequence of the complex criminal situation in the country. El Salvador’s capital is considered quite a dangerous place to travel.



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El Salvador

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