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General information

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, stretching from East to West. Many people call it the Caribbean pearl due to its location in the gentle sea, which remains warm any time of the year. Surface water temperatures are 26-27 °C in winter and 28-30 °C in summer. Powerful warm current of the Gulf Stream has a great influence on the climate.

There are many small bays often separated from the ocean by archipelagos and peninsulas. Mangrove coasts are widespread, especially on the Zapata Peninsula.

Waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea is home to commercial fish species: marlin, blue and mackerel tuna, etc. Common are swordfish, great barracuda and about two dozen species of sharks.


The industry meets the needs of the population in meat (beef, pork, poultry), eggs, rice, corn, beans, root vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Cuba imports 100 % of wheat and other grains (barley, oats), some types of vegetables, as well as dry milk and soy concentrate for the production of soy milk.

Tobacco products are one of the traditional and widely known Cuban products in the world. The most famous brands are Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Partagas.

Standard of living

The advantages are good climate conditions, low crime rates and warm hospitality from Cubans. A trip here is like a trip on a time machine. A lot of things here are reminiscent of the Soviet times, because for a long period the government tried to build communism in Cuba. That is why there is free education and medicine.

Qualified medical care is provided even to non-citizens and foreigners. Medicine is well developed thanks to the governmental support.

As for economic development, the country is currently waiting for better times. Real incomes are very low. It is estimated that about half of the population receives financial assistance from Cubans living abroad. Some estimate it running up to $ 1 billion per year. The distribution system and food stamps are still functioning. Private business is poorly developed.

For a long time, the country has had a ban on the sale and purchase of mobile phones. Cuba does not have its own Internet line, so it has to use the services of expensive satellites. A local resident is allowed to purchase only one SIM card for their phone.


Cuba celebrates Labour Day


The 1st of May is a great holiday for the citizens of Cuba.

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