World media delighted with Russian festival “Scarlet sails - 2020”

World media delighted with Russian festival “Scarlet sails - 2020”
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The festival “Scarlet sails – 2020” delighted many viewers. This is evidenced by articles published on June 28 by a number of foreign media.

In particular, some British and Turkish agencies were pleasantly surprised that the online mode in which the show was broadcast due to the outbreak of coronavirus, conveyed a festive atmosphere.

The Indonesian KOMPAS.TV channel gave high praise to the musical performances and fountain shows. Moreover, in their review, the Associated Press noted the unforgettable fireworks display, which, according to the authors of the Agency, impressively lit up the night sky in the Russian city of St. Petersburg to mark the end of the school year.

Governor of St. Petersburg promised wishes to come true after the “Scarlet sails” celebration

The Governor of Saint Petersburg Alexander Beglov expressed assurance that all the wishes made by school graduates during the “Scarlet sails” festival on June 28 will come true. He wrote about this on his Vkontakte social network page.

“I think many people made their wishes when they saw the brigantine “Russia” under the scarlet sails. Those wishes will come true!” - Beglov promised graduates.

The Governor also said that this year the “Scarlet sails” festival was held in a television format for the first time. According to him, this way they made a gift to graduates of the whole country.

He clarified that specifically for greater audience coverage, the theatrical action was moved from the banks of the Neva river to the waters of the Gulf of Finland.

The symbol of the holiday was a ship with scarlet sails from the story of Alexander Grin, a well-known Russian writer.

It should be noted that on June 27, the traditional annual festival of graduates “Scarlet sails” was held in the Northern capital. It was held for the first time in St. Petersburg on June 27, 1968. In 1979, the tradition of celebration was interrupted to be revived in 2005.

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