What did Plato propose instead of Democracy?

What did Plato propose instead of Democracy?
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First off, Plato did not like democracy very much. He clearly saw all of its disadvantages: hypocrisy, lies, sycophancy and dilettantism. However, what did he offer instead?

Speculation #1 

Ordinary citizens should be able to go about their lives in peace.

It is good when a person can safely go about their business - making boots or growing crop. By doing those things, a citizen does not have to teach soldiers to fight, or educate politicians how to govern. At the same time, the soldiers and politicians do not stop a citizen from doing what he's doing. At the end of the day, each such moderate individual will have an average income and a quiet life.

Speculation #2

A man of valor and courage, a warrior, should not be concerned with the issue of finding food. Citizen-defenders must be vigilant and protect the country from both external and internal problems.

Speculation #3

The country should be ruled by sages — people who are trained in politics, economics, philosophy, and who are most focused on what is best for the people. They must know what good is and how to achieve It.

It turns out that everyone should just go about their business and try to do it as best as possible, without thinking about the affairs of others. Of course, justice must be in the soul of people for such a state to have justice.

To do this, a system of education and upbringing must be established, allowing the best features of character of each person to be revealed.

Unfortunately, there is no such state in the real world. Although Plato wanted to conduct a social experiment and try to create such a country during his lifetime, such an experiment did not have much significance, in his own opinion.

“...you are talking about a state whose structure we have just analyzed; the one that is only in the realm of reasoning, because on earth, I think, it is nowhere to be found.

- But perhaps there is a standard for such a country in the skies above us, available to everyone who wants it; looking at it, a person will think about how to arrange it for himself. And whether there is such a state on earth or whether it will ever exist - it does not matter at all.”

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