Was Anti-Putin leader poisoned?

Was Anti-Putin leader poisoned?
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There was conflicting information about the circumstances after which Russian opposition leader A. Navalny was taken to the intensive care unit.

The blogger and politician does not have a stroke. It has been ruled out by Omsk city doctors. Representatives of the Omsk Ministry of Health visited the hospital to check on Alexey Navalny, who is in intensive care.

The opposition blogger Alexey Navalny is in the Toxicology Department of Hospital No.1 in the intensive care unit on artificial ventilation. As told to the representatives of the local media by the Ministry of Health of the Omsk region, representatives of the Ministry of health went to the hospital, who after a conversation with the attending doctors shared Navalny's condition and spoke about the preliminary diagnosis.

Earlier in the day, Alexey Navalny's press secretary Kira Yarmysh said that the politician became ill after he drank tea bought at the Tomsk airport. The secretary suspects that her boss was poisoned.

Telegram-channel Life Shot, citing its sources, reported the details of these events, stating them somewhat differently:

- Passengers said that Navalny went to the toilet during the flight and did not return to his seat for a long while. They heard him scream for help. According to the source, NAVALNY became ill after he drank a can of energy drink. At least, this is what the "accompanying person" (apparently, his press secretary) told the doctors. However, on Twitter, she claims that Alexey only drank tea. When the ambulance came for him, he opened his eyes, but could not talk.

Navalny’s supporters claim that he was poisoned. A similar case occurred with him when the blogger was serving administrative arrest in the summer of 2019 after organizing protest rallies in Moscow.

Independent political analysts say that stories of poisoning are often used as provocations aimed at discrediting the current government.

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 So many questions, 01-10-2020 11:05:57

By: Catherine

Thanks for sharing an article on such an urgent question!
The situation is really a controversial one, with a plenty of questions and logical inconsistencies. Anyway, I can’t even imagine what Alexey and his family have to go through, to face such a horrible experience. So I wish a speedy recovery for Alexey and strength and patience for his family and supporters!

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