Venezuelan migrants don`t want to cross the border

Venezuelan migrants don`t want to cross the border

Hundreds of migrants stay near the Colombia–Venezuela border. A lot of Venezuelan citizens lost their job in Colombia due to the pandemic crisis. But they don’t want to leave Colombia trying to find some shelter near the border. Migrants still have not crossed the border despite the position of Colombian authorities.

The authorities of the Northern Santander are focused on the problem trying to control the situation. Migrants from Venezuela wander on the main roads from  Bucaramanga to Cucuta.

The head of the province Douglas Sepulveda said that the government has provided the necessary measures to bring the Venezuelan families from near La don Juana. He also claimed that the authorities evict the migrants who try to settle in the area. Colombian government wants to transfer the migrants to the Simon Bolivar International Bridge situated on the border between Colombian and Venezuela.    

He also said that the government feels anxious about the current situation because the migrants stayed in the zone affected by the pandemic.

A similar comment was expressed by Misael Gamboa, the head of the northeastern municipality of Mutiscua. The checkpoint has prevented the migrants from going to the area despite that they desperately wanted to search for some food and help.

This is a quote from the newspaper El Nacional

“A few weeks ago we had to withdraw from a shelter that the migrants had built in the La Laguna sector because of the health risk to the local people,” Gamboa said.

Despite having no cases of COVID-19 in the region, the local officials tell the police to control the situation.

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