Trump admitted cyberattacking Russia in 2018

Trump admitted cyberattacking Russia in 2018
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President Donald Trump has confirmed, for the first time, that the United States conducted a covert cyberattack in 2018 against the Russian Internet Research Agency, which is accused of allegedly helping to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. The fact of the cyberattack was first reported in 2018 by some American media.

Trump confirmed this fact during an interview with Marc Thiessen, a Washington Post columnist and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. As Thiessen wrote in the article, he asked the President if Trump initiated the cyberattack. Trump’s answer was positive and affirmative. In an interview, Trump said the cyberattack was part of a broader policy of confronting Russia. “No one (US President) has been tougher with Russia than I have”, Trump told the reporter.

During the interview, Trump claimed that, unlike his predecessor Barack Obama, he acted after receiving the US intelligence info about alleged Russian interference in the election by launching a cyber-attack. In December 2016, Obama announced the sanctions against Russia and decided to expel some Russian diplomats from the country.

According to Thiessen, senior US officials also confirmed information about a cyberattack against the Russian Internet Agency.

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