The Serf that made 4 billion

The Serf that made 4 billion
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Another record fell under the rapid pressure of Russian comedy. As a first step, Klim Shipenko’ film playfully reached a billion roubles milestone, shaming sceptics and pleasing producers and the director.

Then it reached a second billion, under the dazed eyes of film critics, foreshadowing the picture a very modest box office success. When, against all odds, almost without slowing down, the film went for the third billion, even the inveterate doubters were impressed.

There are not many films in Russia that have managed to cross the one billion roubles threshold. There is a handful of those that managed to reach the two billion roubles mark and only one historical basketball drama “Moving up” managed to take the cherished bar of three billion. However, all this was until today. Now there is another victor on the Russian movie Olimpus.

To become an absolute leader among Russian films, “The Serf” needs only 43 million. This is what separates Shipenko’s comedy from the “Moving up”. However, if we take into account the ratio of money spent on the film and the profit received, then “The Serf” is already ahead.

The socialite-serf story cost 160 million to produce, while 450 million was spent on the basketball sports drama.

A little earlier, “The Serf” became the leader in German box offices among Russian films of all time of keeping records, and saw high demand in Canada and the United States prompted distributors to introduce additional screenings and increase the number of cinemas to show the film.

The film enjoyed great audience interest in the Baltic States and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. In Russia, the film has already been watched by 10 million viewers, and due to high attendance turnout the film is still in the movie theaters. If the audience’s interest does not decrease, then the picture will be able to hit the four billion roubles mark.

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