The invisible fish was found

The invisible fish was found
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Deep-sea fish that absorb more than 99% of light have been found in the US

Oceanographer Karen Osborn of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History published a paper in the Current Biology magazine describing 16 species of ultra-black deep-sea fish. They were discovered by mere chance, by the glare they cast. Their scales almost completely absorb light, which is why one can only see a vague silhouette instead of the animal. They live in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of California, USA.

This natural disguise gives a huge advantage to fish, making them invisible to either predators or prey. And at the heart of the mechanism of this “invisibility cloak” is melanin. There is a lot of it in the scales of fish and it is grouped into capsules in such a way that it absorbs more than 99% of light.

Karen Osborne writes that they could not be photographed, despite the powerful technique. It was as if they were just sucking in the light. They are almost invisible even in bright light and difficult to photograph.

The study of this magic “cloak” will help physicists to create modern ultra-black and ultra-thin materials, lenses and other similar things. So, the tale of the invisible man may soon turn out to be not quite a fairy tale.

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 Fascinating things around us, 05-10-2020 19:01:08

By: Inna

I do love this type of articles. I mean about creatures that are living around us especially in the sea. It seems that a human being has power on a land but not in the water. It’s not our territory. We can’t breathe under the surface without special equipment so it leads to the fact that we can’t survive in the water by ourselves. But there are others who can, who live under the water and even those who are almost invisible for the human eye. Isn’t it fascinating?

 I don't want to be invisible, 05-10-2020 19:00:17

By: Nati

The invisible fish-this is cool. It is not visible even with professional cameras. But I wouldn't want to be invisible. Some people are invisible, like this fish and other people just don't notice them.

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