The conflict for power has been escalating in Venezuela

The conflict for power has been escalating in Venezuela

On the 1st of May Venezuela's ambassador in Colombia, Tomas Guanipa, claimed that the dollarization of the economy, proposed by the oppositional party, was criminalized and blocked by the current regime. He underlined that everything in the country is dollarized, except the salary of workers.

El Nacional quotes the tweet of the diplomat: “Today is the 1st of May and there is nothing to celebrate. We have the country with the lowest salary in Latin America and the lowest salary in the world. Today in Venezuela everything is dollarized. The wages of workers continue to earn in devalued bolivars and it does not make their life better at all.”

Such a statement may arguably have some ground due to the situation at the Colombia – Venezuela border.

The answer of the Venezuelan leader was clear: “We will not allow them to contaminate us from Colombia” Nicolas Maduro said after the announcement of possible opening of the border. Both sides must follow some measures to prevent the spreading of the COVID19.

Maduro also added: “Venezuelans, come and save your homeland, here we welcome you with love and respect. Do not be fooled by the Migration Service of Colombia.”

By that moment, 16 Venezuelan citizens have died abroad from the COVID-19, so the sides should think about the way to save people from death but not about gaining political short-lived advantage.  

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