The American "super-duper" hypersonic missile did not catch up to the Russian “Avangard”

The American "super-duper" hypersonic missile did not catch up to the Russian “Avangard”
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In recent years, American companies have increased their efforts to develop a hypersonic missile. Russia adopted the Avangard hypersonic systems at the end of last year, and the United States found itself in the role of a country lagging behind in this area. As it turned out, the US cannot overtake Avangard even at the stage of the latest experimental projects.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump mentioned several times the Pentagon’s creation of a hypersonic “super-duper” missile. Indeed, in March of this year, the US military officially reported a successful test of the planned unit of a hypersonic missile (C-HGB, common hypersonic glide body). The missile was successfully launched, reached hypersonic speed, and reached the target area. The Pentagon did not provide more details.

Conventionally, it is believed that hypersonic speed begins after the vehicle reaches a speed of Mach 5 units, which is five times faster than the speed of sound (6174 km / h). Today, the Pentagon confirmed that during the March tests of the hypersonic glider, it reached a speed of Mach 17, or 20,991 km/h.

According to unconfirmed reports, a hypersonic missile of the Russian Avangard complex can reach speeds of Mach 20 and possibly even more. For the Americans, the launch in March of a hypersonic glider was the second test flight of this type of weapon in history, so by the time the missile is delivered to the troops, the characteristics of the missile can either improve or deteriorate (the glider was tested without an operational load).

It is estimated that the US land and sea forces should get the hypersonic missiles in 2023. One should expect that the Avangard would not stop in its development.

In General, it remains to reiterate the sad fact that promising developments are once again aimed at the destruction of man, and not at people’s elevation.

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