Teeth of the future: Newsagentz found out what awaits us in the dentist's office

Teeth of the future: Newsagentz found out what awaits us in the dentist's office
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In recent years there have been released some modern tooth care technologies – some of them are not yet available, but in the future, they should become common in every clinic.

1. Luminaires

Thin, about half a millimeter thick ceramic pads on the teeth. They serve for more than ten years, are easy to change, and do not need to thin off the tooth before installation. This technology has recently become very popular with Hollywood stars. Many of their smiles sparkle thanks to the luminaires. Pads are currently produced only in one US laboratory, Cerinate, which invented and patented them.

2. Aligners

They replace braces to correct the position of the teeth in case of malocclusion.

Aligners are removable caps made of transparent hypoallergenic plastic. They fit each tooth tightly and put pressure on the teeth that need to be moved. During treatment, the patient will have to change an average of 16 to 24 pairs of kits. Aligners are invisible, and, in addition, the mouth guards can be easily removed during a meal or in the case of an important meeting.

3. Zoom

A system that allows you to whiten your teeth seven tones at a time.

For example, ordinary photo-bleaching can only cover a couple of tones. So far, the only drawback of the technology is that coffee, chocolate or red wine can color your teeth if you consume them after the procedure. Make sure you give up these products for two weeks after treatment.

4. Cerec

With this technology, the doctor makes a new canine or incisor right in front of the patient.

The peculiarity of the procedure is that the process of making a new tooth is controlled by computer. Using a digital 3D camera, casts are made, and then the software itself completes the missing part. This takes into account the features of the structure and location of neighboring teeth.

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