Tangled wires causing damage, expert warns

Tangled wires causing damage, expert warns
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Wires, connected to the power sockets, quite often get tangled which can damage the household electric appliances and equipment, cause a short circuit or lead to injuries to the person who touches them, Ivan Simonov, a technical expert at the independent expertise center, told the Prime news Agency.

“Modern electronics are extremely sensitive to loss of contact with the power grid or with another device. Therefore, a breech in contact in the wires can lead to complete or partial failure of the equipment,” the expert explains.

Also, if you accidentally touch one wire, all the others will be touched at the same time, and this can lead to partial loss of wires from connectors or electrical outlets. In addition, tangled wires are more difficult to disconnect from the outlet, as it is not clear which wire goes where, and neighboring wires will interfere with the process, he adds.

In order for the equipment to serve you faithfully for as long time as it possible can, the experts recommend that you make sure that the wires do not have sharp bends, and those located nearby should not intersect. In the event that the wire is too long, it must be twisted, and then fastened with threads or thin elastic wires.

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