Suspicious voice assistants

Suspicious voice assistants
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Voice assistants can be dangerous because they constantly listen to the surrounding space in anticipation of commands while listening carefully to everything that happens around or is said nearby. At the same time, most assistants transmit part of the audio stream to the servers of service providers, where data is stored indefinitely and can potentially cause significant harm in the future, said Ashot Hovhannisyan, founder of the DLBI anti-leak service in his interview to Prime news agency.

Often recordings containing unrecognized sounds by the system are listened to by "assessors" — people who are engaged in "marking up" data for neural networks. Assessors are often not employees of the companies that provide the voice service and do not have to comply with confidentiality clauses. Particularly “interesting” recordings of sounds or conversations as a result of their work may even be on the Internet, expert warned.

Since neural networks that recognize voice commands are guided by fuzzy logic, inadequate actions of such voice assistant are possible. And if at the same time it controls, for example, a smart home or an alarm system, these actions can cause real damage – for example, the alarm system will turn off or heating will start working in an empty house, Hovhannisyan added.

However, he noted that Autonomous devices, such as an audio speaker, collect mostly audio data, and voice assistants built into computers or phones have access to all operating system data.

Everyone has to think for themselves as to whether it is safe to use the voice assistant based on the owner’s understanding of things that happen to them and what they would like to keep private, the expert concluded.

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