Summer 2020 tourist season was successful in Russia

Summer 2020 tourist season was successful in Russia
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The summer tourist season in 2020 was relatively successful, the drop in tourist traffic compared to last year was only 30%, said Maya Lomidze, Executive Director of the Association of Tour operators of Russia.

The season was better than experts predicted. On average, the regions lost about 30% of the traditional tourist flow in mass destinations. However, if we take into account that the season started on July 1, and although it spelt into the autumn and it is not very comfortable to swim in the sea in the fall – a drop of 30% seems to be a success.

Putin ordered to extend the program of tourist cashback.

Initially, it was planned that the tourist flows this year would be only a third of the level of last year, that is, the decrease was expected to be 60-70%. According to preliminary results, the Krasnodar region has received about 9 million domestic tourists since the beginning of the year, and the Crimea - about 5 million tourists, experts estimate.

The number of tourists in Lake Baikal, the Altai Republic increased by 5-10% in comparison with of last year’s indicators.

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