Strange COVID-19 statistics in Nicaragua

Strange COVID-19 statistics in Nicaragua

An investigation made by the La Prensa, one of the renowned newspapers in Nicaragua, showed that the death of the 56-year-old man was not included to the official statistics for COVID-19.

The La Prensa says that the Health Ministry of Nicaragua avoids revealing real information about the number of positive COVID-19 cases. The Ministry does not want to prevent people from wandering on the streets and does not spread warnings about the threat of the disease.

The ministry says that such mortality numbers are caused by heart attacks.

The man stayed in the hospital for 5 days. His relatives claim that doctors have not confirmed neither positive nor negative test for COVID-19. The daughter of the man shared her opinion with the La Prensa saying that her father had a high temperature and could not breathe.  

Nowadays people who live in Nicaragua go outside without any restrictions.

The Government of Nicaragua does not enforce any quarantine measures. People continue to go to public places: they attend football matches, walk in the streets. The football league of Nicaragua has not postponed matches due to the pandemic.  Nicaragua and Belarus are the only places where people can attend football matches. It can give a boost to the league but cannot save people from the disease.

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