Sochi received first tourists in summer 2020

Sochi received first tourists in summer 2020
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On June 1, Sochi received 591 tourists. At the airport, the guests’ documents are checked and verified against the data from a single information portal of Sochi.

This database is updated daily by the authorities of the resort-city and provides current information about planned arrivals.

After passing this test, tourists are met by representatives of their health resorts.

“Now all transport hubs of the city – at the airport, at railway stations and at the road post at the city’s outskirts, there are dedicated arrival counters that are equipped for those arriving in Sochi. At these locations, the administration staff checks the voucher of vacation packages, as well as certificates of the absence of COVID-19.

All this is necessary in order to protect both tourists and residents of our city. We hope that the difficult epidemiological situation will soon stabilize, and all Sochi health resorts will start working in full,” said Alexey Kopaygorodsky, Sochi Mayor.

One of the main requirements of the Russian National Consumer Safety Service (Rospotrebnadzor) for spas this year is the facilitation of a transfer of vacationers from the railway stations and the airport. Special corridors and bus parking spaces have been allocated at Sochi transport hubs. All guests are welcomed and delivered in an organized manner to their health resorts, where they should stay until the epidemic alert is not lifted.


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