Segway – End of the legend?

Segway – End of the legend?
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On July 15, 2020, the story of one of the breakthroughs and unusual means of transportation - Segway - stopped. Dean Kamen, the inventor, spent ten years developing his brainchild, spending a total of one hundred million dollars. Since 2001, about one hundred and forty thousand of these unusual rovers have been sold. The name of the device comes from the Italian “Seguimi”, literally – “follow me.”

Segway is an eco-friendly electric vehicle. The device weighs from 15 to 45 kg, without batteries. Batteries are located under the feet of a human rider allowing the speed of up to 40 km\h, with top models being able to reach 50 km/h. Each wheel has its own electric motor, and the entire transporter is packed with sensors that track the position of the person and the steering lever. The stabilization system monitors and controls the speed and balances the platform.

It should be noted that Segway appeared when no one even talked about the mass popularity of electric bicycles and electric cars. That is why the technology was a true breakthrough! A person received an individual vehicle that is not tied to the conventional combustion engine or any type of gasoline.

However, the economy is ruthless. According to the plans Segway had to sell one hundred thousand of their devices in the first year, and then only increase the volume. Reality showed that the world has changed, and Segway it turned out to be a weaker link – expensive and sluggish. Nor did it fit into modern road networks – it was dangerous on the road, and it was equally dangerous to pedestrians on the sidewalks.

The company is closing the Segway Personal Transporter Department and focusing on promoting Ninebot-Segway electric scooters that are more adapted to life in the city. In any case, despite certain imperfections, high cost and specifics of handling a Segway, it is a pity that the legend is leaving the market.

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