S-400 jacked up the price of F-35 fighter jet

S-400 jacked up the price of F-35 fighter jet
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The cost of the program to create American fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighters after excluding Turkish contractors from the supply chain will grow by $ 600 million and will additionally lead to inflating the price of each such aircraft by $ 7-9 million, the Milliyet newspaper quotes the assessment of the head of the Turkish defense Industry Secretariat, Ismail Demir.

The official also assured that the Turkish side would keep secret from the United States data, concerning the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system, purchased from Russia, and, conversely, will not allow any leaks concerning the F-35 Lightning II in the future.

Demir noted that the American approach to the problem is that "we [the American side] know the risk [of leaks to Russia], we are 100 percent sure of it, we are convinced of it. But they are not trying to convince us. They don't need it. They don't want to work with us to convince us [of the existence of such a risk]," the head of the Secretariat said.

In July, in an interview with Aviation Week & Space Technology, Matthew Bromberg, President of the Military Engines division of the American Pratt & Whitney, which developed and produces the engine for the F-35 Lightning II, said that by 2023, the company will finally set up deliveries of 188 elements of the  F-35 power unit, in the production of which Turkey is involved.

In the same month, the former Deputy Commander of the air defense forces of the Soviet Land forces, Lieutenant General Alexander Luzan, admitted that the purpose of Turkey's tests of the S-400 Triumph is to search for “weak points” of this system. At the same time, the specialist assured that it is technically impossible to “extract technologies from the S-400 Triumph”.

In January, Flight Global portal, referring to the statement of a representative of the American Lockheed Martin Corporation, the main developer and manufacturer of the F-35 Lightning II, reported that the price of one F-35 Lightning II fell to a historically low level of 77.9 million dollars. He concluded that the threat to sales of fighters is the high cost of flight hours, amounting to 35 thousand dollars for one flight hour. This was reported by Rambler.

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