Russia's new floating nuclear power plant

Russia's new floating nuclear power plant
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A historical event on a global scale this week is the commissioning of the floating nuclear power plant by Russia. The Akademik Lomonosov, a Russian floating nuclear power station, successfully passed all tests and was put into operation and connected to a single power grid of the Russian Federation.

The only of a kind of a power plant in the world, which was created by the genius of Russian specialists and launched in a test mode at the end of last year in Chukotka region in the northernmost city of the Russian Federation, Pevek. This project put Russia fair and square in the lead in creating nuclear energy solutions of the near future.

The vessel has a displacement of 21 thousand tons, a length of 144 meters, and a width of 30 meters. It is also the northernmost industrial nuclear power plant in the world. Heat and electricity from “Akademik Lomonosov” will be enough not only for residents of the entire city, but also for the local industry. The vessel has all the conditions to accommodate 70 crew members, who will ensure its operation.

When designing the project, great attention was paid to the safety of nuclear power plants. If an earthquake or tsunami occurs, a man-made disaster can be prevented. Due to the mobility of power units, it is possible to raise them above sea level, and the cooling system of the nuclear reactor is provided.

Russia is ready to export its innovative technology of creation of mobile nuclear stations. The interest has already been expressed by China to provide energy to its remote territories.

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