Russian submarine can change approaches to warfare

Russian submarine can change approaches to warfare
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The “Khabarovsk” lead submarine of 09851 project will become the main submarine of the 2020s and will generally affect the nature of submarine warfare. Its main weapon will be the Poseidon unmanned drones with nuclear warheads. Western countries will have to look for ways to counteract this fundamentally new complex. This opinion is expressed by a columnist of the American Forbes magazine.  

As already reported, the “Khabarovsk” is planned to be launched at the end of June. In fact, there is very little information about the submarines of this project, because most of the details are kept secret. Therefore, Western observers are waiting for the launch itself with great interest. They intend to get at least some information on the appearance of the submarine.

Specialists are trying to track the slightest preparations for the appearance of the submarine studying the satellite images of “Sevmash” production association. It is expected that the “Khabarovsk” will have a lot in common with the strategic submarines of the Borei project, one of the features of which is low visibility.

When the “Khabarovsk” is in combat duty mode, US and British Navy submarines will try to keep the newest Russian submarine in sight at all times. In addition, it will take time to create interceptors for the Poseidon unmanned drones. Due to their speed and maneuverability at great depth, they are invulnerable to modern torpedoes.

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