Russian opposition leader is hospitalized, sank into a coma

Russian opposition leader is hospitalized, sank into a coma

NAVALNY's press secretary said that Omsk doctors do not say whether there is a threat to his life.

Opposition politician and blogger Alexey NAVALNY, who was hospitalized after an emergency landing in Omsk, sank into a coma. This was reported on Twitter by his press secretary Kira YARMYSH. She immediately jumps to a conclusion that her boss was poisoned.

- Alexey is still on the ventilator. He's in a coma in a serious condition. There are no test results yet. The evasive response of doctors only confirms that this is poisoning. Two hours ago, they were ready to share any information, and now they are clearly dragging their feet and not saying what they know. The emergency room is full of cops. They try to get an explanation from the doctor. The doctor saw me in the corridor, said that "some things are confidential", and took the police to another room.

Later YARMYSH added: – There was just an official speech of the hospital's representative to the journalists. The Deputy Head doctor said the same thing: a stable but serious condition, coma, artificial lung ventilation. About the diagnosis does not say whether there is a threat to life – does not say. The hospital already has more police than doctors. The Investigative Committee officers have just arrived.

Earlier, the Ministry of health of the Omsk region reported that Alexey NAVALNY's condition is serious, but refused to disclose the diagnosis, citing medical secrecy.

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