Russian electronic warfare system will turn US aircraft into flying cans

Russian electronic warfare system will turn US aircraft into flying cans
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According to experts, the Russian SU-57 fighter jet can surpass competitors thanks to a number of innovative solutions, including the use of the advanced electronic warfare system "Himalayas".

The Russian fifth-generation SU-57 fighter has every chance to become the most modern tactical aircraft in the world. This opinion is shared by observers of the Military Watch.

One of the features of electronic warfare is that the complex is not located in one place on the fuselage of the aircraft, but is distributed throughout the airframe. This solution allows Russian fighters to better influence the enemy's guidance systems, as well as protect themselves from missile attacks from almost all angles.

Experts say that the Himalaya complex has a very long range, which exceeds the effective range of Western air-to-air missiles, which makes it much easier to neutralize such attacks by non-kinetic means. At the same time, analysts believe that the electronic warfare sensors built into the fighter's skin should not have a significant impact on the SU-57's radar visibility.

It was reported earlier that NATO countries would have military exercises in the Far North.

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