Russia no longer needs gas, Putin joked

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Russia will no longer need gas, Russian President Vladimir Putin joked during a speech in the Kremlin at the ceremony of awarding prizes in the field of science and innovation for young scientists for 2019.

According to the results of 2019, the winners of the presidential awards were Doctor of Psychological Sciences Alexander Veraksa - for research on the cognitive development of preschool and school-age children, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergey Makarov - for developments in the field of nanotechnology, and Candidate of Biological Sciences Marina Shirmanova - for achievements in the study of cancer processes.

- It is expected that within the following decade, every second scientist in Russia will be under 40 years old, - Putin said. - Our scientific community will become one of the youngest in the world. This trend has continued over the past few years, and I hope it will continue. Energy multiplied by talent and knowledge will definitely give a positive result.

The rejuvenation of the scientific community should come naturally, and young scientists are now interested in working in Russia thanks to the system of grants and mega-grants that has been introduced. As the winners themselves have said, it is now much easier for many of them to implement their ideas at home than abroad.

“I am convinced that it is the talent and passion of young people that can provide a qualitative breakthrough in the key technological areas of the new decade, the entire twenty - first century,” Putin stressed. - Of course, setting ambitious goals, opening up opportunities to become the first and play an important role in the development of the country is a strong motivation for everyone, and especially for young people who choose science as their path in life.

After the award ceremony, the President approached the winners with a glass of champagne to congratulate them and talk about their developments.

- We are implementing portable, light sources of solar energy in clothes and windows, Sergey Makarov told about the practical application of his works.

- So soon we won't need gas? Putin immediately reacted. We have a lot of hard-to-reach places in the Arctic and in the north, where autonomous energy sources are of critical importance.

- Makarov did not give up.

- Of course, this is very important for our country, commented the President.



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