Russia can whisk away the Vietnamese port of Cam Ranh from under the nose of the US

Russia can whisk away the Vietnamese port of Cam Ranh from under the nose of the US
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Russia and the United States may go into disputes over the port of Cam Ranh and a military base on the South China Sea. This opinion was expressed by Chinese analysts in a publication on the pages of the Sohu, a Chinese media outlet. According to experts, this Bay is interesting for both the United States and Russia, since it can be used as a base for large warships, including aircraft carriers. This object is protected by 400-meter mountains, which cover the bay infrastructure from attacks from the rear.

During the Vietnam War, this port was controlled by the US army, and later it was leased by the USSR.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia also leased this port for some time. Chinese analysts believe that soon this place will again turn into a zone of geopolitical interests of Moscow and Washington. Cam Ranh Bay is located between the Pacific and Indian oceans, which allows controling almost all sea traffic in the region.

Earlier, it was reported that the US plans to lease the port of Cam Ranh for an extended length of time. The media reported that Washington was ready to pay $ 1 billion for the lease of the Bay. However, Hanoi refused, saying that it does not want to see foreign military bases on the territory of Vietnam.

Nevertheless, the situation may change in the future, it is assumed in China. Russia may try to lease Cam Ranh, as Moscow intends to strengthen its influence in the Asia-Pacific region and is already interested in this Bay.

Since Moscow has repeatedly provided large loans to Vietnam, this may play into the hands of the Kremlin if it comes to negotiations to lease the Bay. In addition, Russia and Vietnam have repeatedly concluded agreements on the supply of weapons. Now the Vietnamese army is one of the largest buyers of Russian weapons. Therefore, Moscow’s chances of a favorable outcome of negotiations on the lease of Cam Ranh Bay are quite high, analysts say.

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