Record sale of US debt

Record sale of US debt
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It would seem that the US government debt market is the safest market that there is. This is where investors run towards in the event of a crisis, panic or turbulence. However, this time the events took an unusual path.
Some countries, including Russia, began to introduce quarantine measures only in April, but the peak of the crisis in financial markets was recorded in March. Volatility was at its highest since 2009, with investors closing positions in panic, selling off their portfolios at any price.
However, the collapse of the markets also contains extremely interesting details that are only now becoming known.


Against the background of the spread of the epidemic, foreign investors massively dumped debt bonds of the American government. The US Treasury Department in its latest report said that the share of foreign capital in Treasury Bonds in March collapsed by a record amount in history.
At the same time, it is worth noting that record sales were made by both Central banks and private investors.
Entire sales of treasuries in March totaled nearly $ 300 billion and, although they were partially offset by small purchases in stocks and corporate bonds, total sales of U.S. assets also hit a record number.
The major holders of the US national debt list is retained by Japan. The country of the rising sun even increased its investment in treasuries by $ 3.4 billion. However, the second largest holder – China – reduced its share by another 10.8 billion dollars to 1.08 trillion. This is minimum since the beginning of 2017.


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