Problem plagued F-35

Problem plagued F-35
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It is worth reminding that a few years ago, there was a crash of two American fifth-generation fighters F-22 and F-35. Now, the journalists of the “Military review” published a new material, in which the potential cause of the malfunction of the American F-35 fighter was named.

Earlier, the US Defense department reported that a number of difficulties were fixed when servicing F-35 fighters. In particular, the problems were noted with the logistics program responsible for the supply of parts and components for aircraft. In this regard, the Military was forced to resort to the 3D printers, which printed individual parts for the fighter jets. However, the manufacturer reacted negatively to this decision, noting that if the F-35 is equipped with unlicensed parts, it will be forced to remove the military aircraft from the warranty list.

According to the source, the potential reason for the failure of the F-35 may be the faults in the parts printed by the military.

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