Oxford experts: honey proved to be better than antibiotics

Oxford experts: honey proved to be better than antibiotics
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Scientists studied the question of who can and who cannot use the “nectar of the gods”.

Oxford University experts say that patients who cough and show cold symptoms should use honey instead of antibiotics. A study by scientists has shown that the use of honey reduces the frequency of coughing in patients by a third.

According to the Daily Mail, honey has long been known as a folk remedy for irritating cough, sore throats and runny nose. But new scientific research shows that honey is more effective at treating these diseases than antibiotics or over-the-counter medications.

Experts say that doctors should advise their patients to drink a spoonful of honey rather than prescribe antibiotics. The researchers reviewed studies that compared the effectiveness of honey against cough remedies, antihistamines, and painkillers in treating symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection (URI), including coughs and colds.

In general, honey has been found to better manage coughs, sore throats, and congestion, and unlike other medications, it has no harmful side effects.

Honey, on average, reduced the frequency of coughing by 36 percent more effectively than conventional medications, and reduced the severity of coughing by 44 percent more.

Honey has also been shown to reduce the time it takes to recover from an upper respiratory tract infection to only two days. Researchers also say that using honey to treat infections may reduce the overuse of antibiotics, causing a crisis of antimicrobial resistance.

Experts are increasingly concerned that doctors are too often prescribing antibiotics for coughs and colds, in which they are rarely needed because most of them are caused by viruses.

Researchers claim that honey is superior to conventional remedies for relieving the symptoms of URI. It is a widely available and cheap alternative to antibiotics. Since most URIs are viral, antibiotics are ineffective and inappropriate. Given that the lack of alternative therapies and the desire to maintain a doctor-patient relationship are two key factors contributing to over-prescribing antibiotics by general practitioners, it is important that we conclude that honey can be effective. Honey seems to be a reasonable alternative.

Honey has long been used as a home remedy, and two years ago in Britain was included in the official instructions for the treatment of cough. Researchers from Oxford analyzed 14 studies with 1,761 participants to determine the effect of honey in the treatment of upper respiratory tract symptoms.

These studies compared treating patients with honey with "routine care," such as cough medicine and painkillers. It was found that honey is more effective in relieving symptoms, especially the frequency and severity of coughing.

But experts warn that honey is a complex substance. Therefore, different types can have different effects. While being consumed commercially and safe for use by the majority of the population, its use should be limited with such groups as people with allergies and infants under one year of age.

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