Operation “Gedeon” failed

Operation “Gedeon” failed
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The head of Venezuelan National Guard (FANB), Remigio Ceballos, claimed that the department has arrested 8 persons who prepared terroristic acts. The nephew of the famous general Cliver Alcala Cordones, was arrested as a participant of the group. The general lives in Colombia. He is known as a person who doesn’t spare comments about the regime.

The Operation “Gedeon” that was aimed against the Venezuelan president was used by the Venezuelan government to fight against the plot in the army. More than 20 people were arrested during the operation. Also, among the detainees there were two US citizens. There are speculations that some of the US citizens could have successfully cross the border during the operation.

The tension in the area is still escalating. Venezuelan government does not want to cave in to the external pressure and lay down their arms while the opposition is trying to organize the coup.

The population in Venezuela has been suffering from the conflict for many years. The situation is difficult for the government, the opposition and the citizens of the country.

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