One million dollars not to die from COVID19

One million dollars not to die from COVID19
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A man was cured of coronavirus in the United States and received a bill for services for one million one hundred twenty two thousand five hundred one dollars and four cents. Wow!

A person named Michael Flor turned 70 years old, 42 days of which he spent in an isolation ward (almost four hundred nine thousand dollars), a month on a ventilator (2,835 dollars a day) and a day in a regular hospital ward 9,736 dollars. Medicine expenses were “only” a quarter of the final amount.

As a gift, Flor received a printout of the report on 181 pages.

In fact, this citizen was lucky - he had medical insurance. However, health insurance itself in the United States is not cheap. Insurance with a deductible, that is covering only 40% of expenses, will cost $ 160, and “de Luxe” - $ 315. This is only per MONTH.

One needs to pay for the “treatment” of a disease, which origin is still unknown, the principle of its selectivity is unknown, and there is no cure or vaccine!

No wonder doctors and lawyers are considered the most affluent professionals in North America: with such huge bills for, in fact, unskilled help (after all, how to treat COVID19 they are not sure!) money is born out of thin air!

The film Sicko by  Michael Moore on this topic has long been around, where he explains, in layman’s language, how the US created this monstrous system that benefits everyone - hospitals, multinational pharmaceutical companies and doctors, except the patient.

For a person who doesn't have an extra $ 3,800 a year, it's cheaper to die.

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