Maduro blames the US for failed invasion

Maduro blames the US for failed invasion
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US charge d'affaires in Venezuela James Story, whom Donald Trump called a candidate for the post of Ambassador to Venezuela, participated in the organization of the invasion of militants from Colombia, said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in an interview with journalist Jorge Hestoso.

Earlier, the Venezuelan interior Minister, Nestor Reverol, said that the authorities had prevented a maritime invasion by Colombian militants from the state of La Guaira. Maduro said the purpose of the invasion was to kill him. According to the Ministry of Interior, the militants tried to invade the country using speedboats. Maduro said that among the detained participants in the armed naval attack — two US citizens, whom he labeled as members of the personal security of the American President.

“James Story was the last US charge d'affaires in Venezuela. We kicked him out, he now has an office in Bogota, in Colombia. I can say, and this will be confirmed in due course by declassified documents, that James Story is responsible for the failure of this armed mercenary invasion, which was stopped by the armed forces in Makuto Bay. James Story is head-on involved in this military invasion,” Maduro said to VTV.

According to the Venezuelan President, besides Story, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and special envoy to Venezuela Elliot Abrams were also responsible for the operation. Maduro also stressed that the dialogue between the two governments, which was maintained all the time, stopped after the failed invasion attempt.

Position of the USA

The United States has not recognized Maduro as the country's President since January 2019 and considers Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who illegally declared himself President, to be the interim head of state.

Washington does not have a diplomatic presence in Venezuela. At the end of April, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the general situation in the world creates conditions for changes in Venezuela, and he ordered to work on the issue of reopening the American Embassy in Caracas.

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