Loss of smell in colds and coronavirus

Loss of smell in colds and coronavirus
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The loss of smell in coronavirus is significantly different from the symptoms of a cold. This was stated by a group of European scientists led by Professor Carl Philpott from the University of East Anglia, who conducted the corresponding study.

The main differences found by experts in the research process are that with coronavirus, a person loses his sense of smell, but at the same time continues to breathe freely. With a cold, there is a runny nose and nasal congestion. Thanks to the discovery, the theory that COVID-19 infects the brain and central system has become more reliable.

Scientists expressed hope that the study will help in the development of smell and taste tests for rapid screening of coronavirus in emergency rooms and medical institutions. Such testing will make it possible to distinguish patients with COVID-19 from people who have a common cold.

German scientists previously conducted a study of COVID-19 particles and discovered a new mechanism of infection, as reported by the 360 TV channel. The coronavirus, which gets its name due to the presence of spikes on its surface, attaches to the cell with their help, resulting in infection.

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 Covid and smell, 16-10-2020 09:08:09

By: Anonymous

If a persons smells things fine - there's no Covid. Run along and carry on )

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