Kaspersky warned about migration of Russian IT specialists abroad

Kaspersky warned about migration of Russian IT specialists abroad
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A Russian consortium of IT-associations warned Mikhail Mishustin, PM of the Russian Federation, about the risk of massive departure of programmers and IT specialists from Russia.

If the industry is not included in the list of victims of the pandemic, it will face massive salary delays and forced layoffs.

In 2020-2021, from 10 to 15 thousand IT-skilled professionals may leave Russia. This was stated in a letter addressed to the Russian Prime Minister by Natalia Kaspersky, Chairman of the Board of the Association of software developers “Domestic Software”, and Valentin Makarov, President of the Association “RUSSOFT” reported the RBC, claiming they have a copy of the letter, which authenticity was confirmed by representatives of the associations.

“The Software Industry is a highly intellectual field with a high entry threshold, creating sophisticated products, the development of which takes years, and in the case of bankruptcy of software companies it would be if not impossible but extremely difficult to bring them back to operation.

Taking into account that payroll is about 80% of the costs of IT companies, the decline in the industry will lead to a reduction in staff,” said the authors of the letter.

Representatives of associations cite survey data, according to which the average revenue of Russian software developers in the month of May fell by almost a half, compared to the same period of the previous year, and more than 10% of companies reported a drop of more than 90%.

The shrinking IT sector will also inevitably lead to a decline in its export activity, the authors warned. In this regard, they asked the government to:

- recognize the IT industry as heavily affected by the pandemic. It will mean that companies can receive support and mitigation measures already taken by the state;

- offer payment holidays for their insurance premiums to the payroll and personal income tax for those companies that produce IT products for 2020 and 2021-2024;

- support and / or subsidize government demand for domestic IT products, which will allow companies to survive the economic crisis.

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