Jolie opened up about her relationships with Pitt

Jolie opened up about her relationships with Pitt
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In a new interview to Vogue Magazine, Hollywood film star Angelina Jolie revealed the reason for her divorce with Brad Pitt. According to the actress, she decided to break up their relationships for the sake of their own children. Besides, she still thinks exclusively about them.

After the divorce, the actress did not comment on what happened for a long time, which eventually lead to many media outlets taking advantage of the situation. According to Jolie, during that period, her children read a lot of untrue stories and false facts about themselves and their family. Angelina stressed that they know the truth, and she also taught them to think using “their own heads.”

It is worth reminding that the most beautiful couple in Hollywood broke up in 2016. Pitt later said that the reason was his addiction to alcohol. After some  rehabilitation and treatment, the artist allegedly gave up on alcohol.

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 Let's drop the subject, 05-10-2020 18:48:09

By: Inna

One more screaming headline «Jolie opened up…», «Jolie told all the truth» and so on and so forth. Are you tired of them? Me definitely.
There are always two sides of the coin and it takes two to tango so let’s try not to put all the blame on Brad only. In this article he «admitted» (I put it into quotation marks because we are not sure whether he really did it or not) to alcohol addiction but Jolie isn’t an angel herself. She is a real person with her own character flaws. And maybe she was the reason why Brad started drinking at the first place.
So my suggestion is let’s drop the subject once and for all because anyway we will never know what happens behind the closed doors.

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