Joe Biden promises to kill the American economy

Joe Biden promises to kill the American economy
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The American media is thrilled with the determination and absolute integrity shown by Joe Biden in his recent ABC interview. The excitement is caused by the fact that Biden intends to once again impose a strict nationwide quarantine with total restrictions on economic activity if the pandemic continues, thus demonstrating an approach that is polar opposite to the position of President Trump’s. To understand the consequences of this position, it is worth considering that the coronavirus in the European Union, Russia, Bangladesh or China is primarily an epidemiological issue, and only in the United States is the coronavirus a purely political issue.

Politico reports that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would do "anything" to fight the spread of the coronavirus inside the country, including blocking the economy of the United States, if it is deemed necessary.

Biden told ABC's David Muir that he would turn the economy off if it is suggested by the scientists whom he intends to listen to carefully. His running mate for Vice President, Senator Kamala Harris echoed Biden by saying that they would do everything they can to save lives.

Biden's comments point to the toughest potential measures that any Democratic presidential candidate has proposed to stop the spread of the virus, which has already claimed the lives of at least 175,000 people in the United States.

The Democratic party in general and Biden in particular are trying to “sell” themselves to voters as uncompromising fighters against the Coronavirus, ready to take the most drastic measures in order to stop the epidemic in the United States. The task is to make President Trump look like a cynical businessman and “killer of grandparents”, who has all the hands in blood of those who died because of the reluctance of the current administration to extend economic restrictions. Trump does not prohibit Americans from leaving their houses and does not force them to wear masks on pain of arrest.

In regions of the United States that are controlled by the Democratic party, the paranoia of the authorities sometimes takes on a grotesque character. For example, in Los Angeles, the local mayor's office has not just banned house parties (thus, actually restricting the Constitutional rights of citizens to gather and move freely), but also cut off electricity, water, and sewage from the homes of violators of such restrictions.

It is difficult for those inhabitants of the planet who are outside of the American information field to understand this level of psychosis, but the American media (working against Trump and scaring the brains of ordinary people with the help of “information deposits” of an industrial scale) have achieved admirable results. For example, Franklin Templeton, a financial company, commissioned a special public opinion survey on the epidemic and came to the following conclusions: they found that the proportion of people who are very concerned or rather concerned about the serious health consequences of COVID-19 infection is almost the same for all age groups, ranging from 25 to 64, and it is not much lower than the proportion of concerned respondents over 65 years old. The discrepancy with the actual data on mortality is staggering: among people aged 18-24, the proportion of people concerned about serious health consequences is 400 times higher than the proportion of total deaths from COVID; for 25-34 y.o. — it is 90 times higher than the actual statistics.

This could be considered just reasonable caution, but there is a nuance: these same concerned citizens are not supporters of hygiene products and wearing masks, but supporters of closing schools, businesses, public institutions, and in general, the endless restriction of all normal life until complete safety is achieved.

It is by appealing to this psychosis, which, as the Franklin Templeton survey found out separately, is distributed mainly among active users of social networks and consumers of mainstream (i.e. anti-Trump) media, that Biden declared his readiness to turn off the economy after winning the Election 2020. The problem is that the shutdown of the economy that Biden is talking about will be, by and large, its murder.

Blocking an entire country would cost up to three percent of GDP per month, so even the wealthiest countries on the planet can't afford another two or three months of complete blocking, said Hartmut Issel, head of Asia-Pacific equities at Swiss Bank UBS in his CNBC interview.

In countries that have not politicized the topic of fighting the epidemic so much and did not turn it into an election campaign issue, the consensus on the approach is that complete freeze of the economy can no longer be allowed. This was discussed by such different politicians and business representatives as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Siemens CEO Joe KAESER and French Prime Minister Jean Castex.

The United States is no different in this sense and is even in a worse position, because they did not recover from the first shutdown of the economy. The New York Post reports that “hungry New-Yorkers are lining up in a quarter-mile-long line for free food in Queens.” Mohamed El-Erian, a well-known economist and leading economic adviser to the insurance giant Allianz, believes that “the destruction of small businesses by Coronavirus threatens capitalism in the United States.” According to official government estimates cited by the CNBC almost half of the adult population of the United States is under threat of being out of work.

Yet against this background, Joe Biden or rather, his political strategists are betting that it is necessary to intimidate voters even further with the coronavirus threats and promise them even tougher economic restrictions, with likely blackouts of electricity and water for violators, to attract them to their side. As the owner of the largest international political consulting company Eurasia Group, Jan Bremer, rightly noted, the only issue in which the electorate as a whole trusts Trump more than Biden is the economy, and such a statement by Biden may give the current President some additional opportunities.

It will even be a bit of a pity if these measures are implemented. It would be quite interesting to see how the American economy survives another, no matter how short, total quarantine.

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