Is plastic asphalt the future?

Is plastic asphalt the future?
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In some European countries, there are experiments to build roads that are made from recycled polymers. Modules are laid on the road like laminate. The strength of the plastic road is the same as the conventional road surface made of asphalt. The distinct feature of such roads is the service life. It is two or three times longer compared to the conventional road surfaces.

This material is very convenient in terms of resources and ecology. There will be proper application for all the billions of tons of plastic garbage that litter our planet. The roads of the future, unlike the current ones, will not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Moreover, the manufacturer VolkerWessels offers to extract material from the oceans, where landfills already form entire islands.

Disposable plastic material is shredded and compacted in the shape of blocks at special factories, after which they will be laid as building blocks or the erector set. To put 10 meters of road workers need only an hour and a half.

Plastic sheets can withstand temperatures from minus 40 to plus 80 degrees Celsius. The empty space inside the modules protects the structure from flooding. Furthermore, communication lines, pipes, cables and wires can be laid in the ducts underneath the surface.

This plastic road will last twice as long as a regular asphalt road. After the service life is over, the modules can be recycled again.

The coating's resistance to UV light and chemicals, traffic safety in the rain have not yet been studied. The first test site should be facilitated in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

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